Chiropractic and Sports

The Role of Massage in Sports

Ever since the times of the Greek and Roman civilisations, coaches. trainers and athletes have maintained that performance will be improved if the proper muscles are massaged before physical activity. This traditional pre-competition massage is nowadays used in conjunction with stretching and other warm up activities.

Chiropractic and sports health

Chiropractic health care, integrated with sport for improved well-being and disease prevention is gaining increasing popularity for individuals and the community in general. This is why chiropractors are playing a greater part in the sports medicine health team. Over the last fifteen years a growing number of international sports teams and individuals have been using chiropractors to help them obtain and maintain their best physical condition in order to maximise their human potential in their physical endeavours. Sports injury rehabilitation involves a knowledge of many sports and fitness activities to understand the injury mechanisms involved.

With increasing numbers of people of all ages and abilities taking exercise and playing sport plus the professionalism of Rugby and Rugby League in particular there has been a developing science in the area of sports medicine.

In sports clinical management the sports chiropractor is concerned with the restoration and maintenance of health by natural methods. One of the primary concerns of the sports chiropractor is to correct postural distortions of the spine and extremities. This strengthens the spine and helps restore nerve energy to the other injured tissues of the body.

The sports chiropractor can then attend to other joint and muscular problems using extremity manipulation techniques, soft tissue therapy, exercise rehab, sports psychology skills and nutrition perspectives.

Sports Health

The beneficial effect of massage on sports performance has been clearly shown and the
following criteria established.

  • Massage used in conjunction with other warm up techniques is an effective physiological and psychological preparation to sports performance.
  • Massage may be used during breaks in performance to aid the physiological processes of recovery.
  • Massage is valuable in assisting athletes recover from injury or the effects of vigorous training.
  • Why don’t you make massage part of your regime for maximising your health potential and
    sports performance and to relax the tight muscles caused by your work and play?