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Patient Comfort and the fastest possible return to normal activities is the main priority of colin edward chropractor when
clients seek help at back in action rotorua chiropractic.

A dynamic, patient centred and diversified approach to treatment ensures timely successful outcomes for most spinal and other musculoskeletal injuries.

With qualifications in physical education, sports medicine, nutrition and acupuncture colin uses a broad range of approaches in prevention , treatment and rehabilitation of many varied problems that present to his clinic. he places a strong emphasis on determining what factors at home and in the work place contribute to his clients problems.

His sporting background and interests has created increasing demand for his services by several rotorua rugby and league teams and colin attributes much of his professional development to dealing with sports injuries on the playing field as they occur.

Colin advocates the need to be thorough in the consultation and examination procedures. by allocating sufficient time for these a correct diafnosis and greater success in treatment can be achieved leading to higher patient satisfaction, he says.